10 great home décor and furniture stores to check out (2023)

Singapore Home Décor

If you’re searching for ‘stores with home décor near me’ you’ve come to the right place! There’s some amazing pieces, furnishings and accessories here. Whether you’re settling in to a new home, or just need a new sofa, a coffee table for the living room or a lovely mirror to brighten the place up. Here are some great ideas we think you’ll love!

Originals – for sustainable furniture and accessories

This home décor store’s furniture and accessories range includes a diverse offering of sofas, dining tables, beds and homewares, for both indoor and outdoor living. There’s everything from intricate old Asian pieces to a more simple, modern look; so you can mix it up and create your own style. Sustainability and craftsmanship with longevity are also at the core of everything they do.

What’s trending at this home décor store?

As trends come and go, Originals believes you should surround yourself with pieces you love and try not to be too swayed by passing drifts in design. Rather than source ‘fast’ furniture, they find pieces made to last. They advise their customers to choose timeless, incredibly well made and sustainably sourced furniture that will stand the test of time.

Top tip on Singapore home décor

Rugs are an easy way to transform a room. Anchor any space with a pop of colour from their rugs sourced from Turkey or the organic natural styles from Armadillo&Co.

1 Bukit Batok Street 22, #05-02/03
6471 9918 | originals.com.sg

Soul & Tables – timeless designs

From stand-out dining tables to stylish, flexible modular sofas and more, you’ll find something to suit just aboutevery room of the house.

Design is important to Soul & Tables so the products here meld looks with practicality. For instance, you might find a bed with a slightly reclined headboard, making it perfect for reading on. This home décor store is big on solid wood, from contemporary teak to oak. It’s important to go for something solid as in this climate veneer doesn’t take long to start crumbling. You may feel you’re getting a bargain at the time, but you’ll be flinging it out soon!


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What’s trending at this home décor store?

Bringing together their knowledge and passion for furniture and their suppliers’ expertise, the Soul & Tables team created their own Signature collection over three years ago as an addition to the existing brands they carry. And their customers are loving it. Starting with dining chairs, the collection grew to include dining tables, coffee tables, mattresses and now new bed frames and storage solutions, with more to come in the future. The designs of the Soul & Tables Signature collection are inspired by customers’ needs, coming from feedback gathered through their daily interactions.

Top tip on Singapore home décor

“We have chosen authentic, contemporary and eco-friendly furniture that will stand the test of time. From ethical sourcingof beautiful high-quality furniture to providing our customers witha more seamless, comprehensive and convenient shopping experience, we’re here to help you builda home that you’ll love for years to come.

Invest in high-quality materials and timeless designs and you’ll have furniture that will have a good journey in your home. Also, it’s important to find out the after-sales services provided by a store. Soul & Tables offers a lifetime warranty and complimentary maintenance on solid wood pieces.”

#02-03 & #02-09 Tan Boon Liat Building
9272 1545 |soulandtables.com.sg

Woody Antique House – an authentic home décor shop

Woody Antique House offers a wide range of authentic antique and vintage furniture and accessories sourced from across Asia, with pieces meticulously restored by skilled craftsmen. If you’re keen on something a little different, browse the natural wood furniture collection made from recycled elm, teak and suar wood. The home décor shop also offers customisation services so you won’t need to worry about getting that perfect fit.

10 great home décor and furniture stores to check out (7)What’s trending at this Singapore home décor shop?

The Indian Vintage Collection continues to prove popular, thanks to its colourful and rustic finishes. Customers also love the soft whites and intricate carvings, especially for pieces such bookshelves and cabinets due to their versatility in any room.

Top tips on Singapore home décor

If you’re looking for unique storage solutions, consider using bar counters; these are always popular picks at Woody Antique House. They carry three main styles: those from China made from elm wood with marble tops and Chinese bronze plates on their doors; pieces from Indonesia and Thailand made from recycled teak and Burmese teak respectively; and also bar counters from India made from acacia wood and decorated with brass fittings.

Blk 13 Dempsey Road, #01-05
6471 1770 | woodyantique.com

Taylor B – classic home décor store

Taylor B design is a diverse brand with thousands of home décor pieces and accessories to browse. It’s one of those places you walk into looking for one thing, and come out with many more you didn’t know you wanted! From elegant and dainty accents all the way to rustic, quirky décor, each time you visit this furniture shop there are new discoveries to make.

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What’s trending at this home décor store?

Recently, the store has been noticing a love for all things tropical. This is a great and often fun way to pay tribute to sunny Singapore by adding beautiful tropical accents to the home. Think palm leaves, snakeskin, and colourful birds! Taylor B has a big love of animals, not only in décor, but in real life; so it promises that its products remain vegan.

Top tips on Singapore home décor

“Start with pieces you truly love and build your space from it. Make sure there’s a balance between solid neutrals and fun pops of colours and patterns.”


65 Mohamed Sultan Road
9758 3598 | taylorbdesign.com

Hacienda Blue – intricate designs

This boutique-style home décor store is set in a gorgeous black-and-white apartment. Hacienda Blue designs and produces beautiful bone-inlay and mother-of-pearl furniture and accessories. The larger pieces such as the chest-of-drawers and side tables are perfect as classic signature pieces – and they can be made to order! The store’s accessories like trays, vases and mirrors are the finishing touches and make great presents too. You’ll also find Singapore-themed art for your walls and even expat leaving presents – a great souvenir of our tropical life.

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What’s trending at Hacienda Blue?

Surround yourself with the pieces you love and they’ll give you endless enjoyment. The essential part of this is choosing well made, sustainably sourced furniture.

Top tip from this home décor store

“We specialise in quality custom-made furniture. You can choose any style of furniture in any colour, pattern and dimensions and we can make it for you!”

17 Woking Road
Opening Hours:
Mon & Fri, 10am to 2pm; Tue to Thu 11am to 4pm; weekends/public holidays, by appointment

Scanteak for Singapore home décor

For over 40 years, homegrown Scanteak has brought together the simplicity of Scandinavian design and durable teak wood to create uncomplicated solutions for the busy executive’s home. With easy-to-maintain teak wood furniture that can fit into almost any interior style, you’ll never have to worry about kids or pets making a mess. Cleaning up is as easy as chucking your cushion covers into the washing machine! From sofas, dining tables, beds and storage solutions, every Scanteak piece carries the promise of quality and durability. Among their offerings are mattresses fully designed and made in Germany.

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What is trending at Scanteak?

“Our designer collaboration pieces have always been in demand. Featuring unique designs and curved surfaces, these collaborations were created to solve challenges that our customers face in day-to-day life. By combining form and function, and keeping prices as low as possible, we prove that designer furniture doesn’t have to be out of reach.”

Top tips on Singapore home décor

“Furniture should be built around your life, not the other way round. Opt for items that can give you peace of mind when it comes to maintenance and origin. Look out for furniture that’s easy to clean, so that you can keep your house as germ-free as possible for you and your loved ones!”

11 store locations and online

Just Anthony – for antique & reproduction pieces

This specialist Chinese furniture shop carries both antique furniture and reproductions, and a wide range of oriental home accessories like table lamps, garden stools and ceramic figurines. The store’s selection of modern Chinese furniture and home accessories is expanding every year – there’s always something new and different. You can also see a range of hand-painted silk wall coverings that can be customised to any size.

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What’s trending at this home décor store?

The owner, Danielle, says “We have a lot of old door panels, some with coloured glass, that are great signature pieces. As these doors are quite dramatic, you don’t need to use a lot of them in one space to create impact. Sometimes just two pieces at the corner or flanking two sides of the wall is enough to make the space interesting and beautiful. Home décor accessories, including vases, jars and table lamps, are always popular.”

Their new set of table lamps are converted from old ceramic pots and tiles, which means that every one is unique.

Home office furniture is still popular, as well as bar cabinets. Just Anthony has a huge range in store, which can be modified to any specification. They’ve even got a bar cabinet converted from an old kitchen cabinet!

Top tips on Singapore home décor

Use contrasting colours and textures. Small accessories like rugs, lamps, stools and cushions add pops of colour and give visual interest to a space. They can be added gradually and you can also move them around easily.

379 Upper Paya Lebar Road
6283 4782 | 6283 4722 | justanthony.com

House of AnLi – for European home décor

If you’re looking for home décor in Singapore with a European twist, this is the store for you. This furniture shop is a haven for every type of homeware and furniture. You can find furniture for every room in your home and outdoors as well. Each piece is curated by the owners from top European brands, and available at very affordable prices that come with a great hassle-free home delivery service. They also have not one but two eateries! These are on Level 2 and Level 3, and offer everything from a delicious coffee to a three-course meal with friends.

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In the store, there’s lighting and giftware, huge Flemish wall tapestries depicting African tribal leaders, plus cutlery and crockery (created by Jean Dubost for Laguiole), and ceramics and elegant etched glassware by Costa Nova from Portugal. Take a look, too, at the beds for pampered pooches and the 100 percent Belgian linen from Libeco. Then there’s the customised upholstery service, as well as beds, armchairs and and sofas that can be made to order within three weeks!

What’s trending at this home décor store?

Proving ever popular is the collection of Fatboy indoor and outdoor furniture and chargeable wireless lamps. The majority of the indoor lamps also come with a handy application that allows you to control several lamps at the same time from your smart phone.

Top tips on Singapore home décor

Sign up to House of AnLi’s recently launched loyalty program; when you shop in store, you’ll be rewarded with points and vouchers.

#03-17 & #02-21-23 Tanglin Mall
163 Tanglin Road
6235 5193 | houseofanli.com

Arete Culture – one-stop home décor shop

A one-stop shop for home interior (and exterior) needs, Arete Culture has it all. From made-to-order and customised furniture and accessories, an extensive selection of both indoor and outdoor pieces, to home styling and design expertise, all led by owner and interior stylist Caroline Chin-Geyler. But don’t just take our word for it! Our readers have also voted Arete Culture as four-times gold winner of Expat Living’s Readers’ Choice Awards in the category of interior design and home styling.

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What’s trending at Arete Culture?

With so much more time spent at home, customers are increasingly looking to maximise their space, and home décor in Singapore has evolved to meet this new demand. Arete Culture has seen an increased demand for outdoor living spaces, whether for a large backyard or small balcony. This extends to both furniture as well as décor such as outdoor-friendly cushions, rugs, and hurricane lanterns.

Top tips on Singapore home décor

To seamlessly integrate your indoor/outdoor spaces, work with the same colour palette in areas that share the same sightlines, advises Caroline. “For example, if your balcony is visible from the living room, use the same colour palette to unify these traditionally separate spaces.” Arete Culture’s stylists also recommend furnishing your outdoor space with the same attention you would to an indoor space; lighting and textiles are crucial for warming up an outdoor area.

6265 4525 | areteculture.com

The Cinnamon Room – eclectic rugs

Find finishing touches with an exotic slant to exciting pops of colour, interesting textures and unique designs across the range of rugs at this store.

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Priding itself on its in-house designs, Visha and the team are always on hand to offer expert advice in helping you make the right décor choices for your home. The Cinnamon Room’s distinctive range of award-winning rugsin contemporary designs make timeless statement pieces worldwide, effortlessly transforming any space instantly. They can all be customised to any bespoke size to suit your space perfectly. A wide selection of Singapore-themed art and gifts are also beautifully showcased and available in store.


Home décor in Singapore is ever-changing; keep an eye on our Homes section for great furniture ideas, plus get tips on where to live in Singapore.

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