10 Lucrative Online Business Ideas You can Start in Ghana (2023)

Every day, people have been looking for the best Lucrative Online Business Ideas they can Start in Ghana.

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The Internet has made the world a global village, creating more business and job opportunities for people looking to earn passive income or start a business of their own. For a regular unemployed/employed Ghanaian who wants to start an online business, I will like you to know that there are a lot more opportunities on the internet.

Operating an online business has many advantages over an offline business. One of such advantages is that you can manage your business from anywhere across the globe. More to it, it’s the high profit you will enjoy once you are able to establish the business to the fullest.

If you are here, the chances are, you are looking for some Lucrative Online Business in Ghana you can start today. If that’s true, then below are some of the tried and tested internet Business ideas that you can choose from.

You can go through the below listed and discussed Lucrative Online Businesses in Ghana and select the one that seems good for you.

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Blogging is one of the most profitable and Lucrative Online Businesses in Ghana you can start with less investment. It is not a fast way to make money online but if you’re dedicated you can earn your living online through blogging.

There are two things you need for a blog, domain, and web hosting. A domain is your web address while a Webhosting is storage for your blog files. Starting a blog in ghana does not cost much, as little as $2.95 per month, one can get a web hosting account and free domain from Bluehost to start a blog. You can create a blog from any niche that is passionate about you.

Please If you want to start a blog but don’t have time to create or have no idea, you can purchase the Hosting using this LINK. Send us an email after buying the Hosting and we shall Create/Design the Blog For Free for You.

If your passion lies in fashion, tech, education, news, and entertainment to mention but a few, you can create a blog and begin to write. Bloggers make money from their blogs in so many ways. But the most common ones are through advertising and affiliate marketing. Advertising comes in different forms. Direct advertisement and sponsored post/link or banner placement.

The best advertisement company that most bloggers use is Google Advertisement. With google advertisement, you apply for a publisher account through a program called google Adsense. Google then reviews your application for an eligibility check. Once your application is approved, Google will then place its products on your blog.

10 Lucrative Online Business Ideas You can Start in Ghana (1)

This has been the best and efficient way of making money through advertisement.

On average, most bloggers make GHS 3,000 to GHS 5,000 per month from their blogs. Affiliate marketing has to do with you promoting people’s products through your blog for a commission. We shall talk more about that in a few minutes.


The eCommerce sphere in Ghana is gradually gaining ground. People have come to love the idea of buying and selling items online. In recent times, there has been an increase in the rate at which people buy items through online shops in Ghana and the world at large. With the emergence of COVID-19, many businesses have also shifted their operation online. Hence the need for more online shops.

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Dropshiping is a form of eCommerce dealings, where the owner of the store doesn’t own the item he or she is selling. Rather, they outsource the products from the manufacturer or wholesale, sell and make a retail profit. The idea of dropshipping came in at the time when giant organization such as amazon, eBay, and express reaches their peak.

People around the globe, have the idea of being a retailer to these giant wholesalers suppliers on Aliexpress, Amazon, and eBay. Operating a dropshipping business needs little or no money. But to explain further, you’ll only need small capital in starting.

There are two types of dropshipping businesses. You can operate a dropshipping business by creating your own eCommerce store, or by using a third-party website. The dropshipping business operates in this simple way:

The drop shipper will first go to the wholesale website (Aliexpress, Amazon, or eBay) and pick a product/item that he or she sees will be in high demand.

Then he goes to place the item picture with its specifications with a retail price on his or her store.

Now once a customer comes to buy the item from the dropshippers store at the retail price, the dropshippers will then go to the wholesale store and purchase the item at the wholesale price using the customer’s details.

In the end, the original item seller will ship the item to the dropshiper’s customer. This is a simple explanation of how the dropshipping business is operated. You can read more about dropshipping and how to start from here.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing comes into being when there was a need for product reviewers and promoters by the manufacturers or producers.

As an affiliate marketer, your job is to get people to either purchase a product or signup for an email list. The affiliate marketing business has made most people six to seven-figure income earners and it remains the most lucrative business online.

There are many strategies you can adopt to succeed in the affiliate marketing business. You can create your own affiliate website where you write reviews about the products that people are searching to buy. Today most people like to see a product review before they make a buy or not to buy a decision.

If you can get these prospective buyers the item features, price and value to be driven from using the item/product, then you’re halfway to making money from affiliate marketing.

For many years now, I have been doing the affiliate marketing business and must say it’s one of the best when it comes to establishing an online business in Ghana. We shall bring a full article on how to start the affiliate marketing business later on this site.

Freelance Business

Freelancing is a new order of the day. Late, we always see people most especially the online gurus talking about freelancing. This has sparked many peoples in interest in this kind of business in ghana.

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Freelancing is the act of doing someone’s work for a commission or reward. A freelancer is one who agrees to take a person’s job(gig) and performs on their behalf for a handsome reward(monetary).

The freelancing business has created a lot of opportunities for Ghanaian youth including myself. People who have a fair idea of how the freelancing business works have made thousands of cedis from this kind of business.

Freelancers get a job(gig) to perform through third-party websites known as freelance sites or micro job sites. Websites such as freelancer.com, Upwork.com, guru.com, fiverr.com,15ghana.com are some of the popular ones. One can easily become a freelancer by visiting any of these sites and creating a seller account.

On these freelancing websites, jobs such as graphic designs, data entry jobs, web designs, product reviews, transcribing, and much more can be found. Once you’re on the site. You need to choose the job that interests you.

Here, you see employers looking for people to perform a task. Go through the list of jobs on the site and select to make an offer to the job that these employers have listed. Once your offer is accepted, then the job will be awarded to you. You can read more about freelancing jobs here.

Forex Trading

According to some reports, there has been an increase in the forex trading business throughout the world in the past fourth months. Many people are associating the rise with the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic. During the lockdown people, people have no other ways of working to earn a living. So the best option they can go for is its online business.

Individuals were forced to search for some lucrative ways to make living from the comfort of their homes and then StumbleUpon forex trading. Forex trading has to do with the art of exchanging currencies. As a forex trader, your job is to buy and sell the country’s currencies. If you predict a fall in the price of a certain country’s currency, then you buy that currency and hold.

When you later predict an increase in the price of that same currency against other currencies, then you sell and make a profit. Forex trading is a little bit of complexity especially if you are just starting. But once you know the basics of the market, the terminologies, and how to do proper risk management, you can profit big in the Market. See a full article on how to start trading forex in Ghana.

Crypto-currency trading

Cryptocurrency has come to stay. Today many young Ghanaians and Africans have become rich through crypto trading. There are so many ways through which one can benefit from trading in crypto. But the commonest ones are Binary trading and Holding of currencies.

With The Binance trading/Future trading, you trade currencies. One can buy the base currency or sells the quote currencies depending on which way the market goes. you can read more on how to buy and sell cryptocurrencies here. The other way through which you can profit from cryptocurrencies is by buying and holding.

Here, you can buy the currencies of your choice (Bitcoin) and hold them when the price is low. Once the price increase on a future date, then you can sell and make a profit.

Assuming the price of 1BTC today is say $34,000, you can buy say $100 worth of BTC for as low as 500GHC. Then you store the BTC in your BTC Wallet. Once the price of 1BTC rises to say $50,000 you can then sell your $100 worth of BTC bought earlier and make a profit. We shall come out with a full article on how to trade crypto in our subsequent articles.

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Paid survey

Surveys are great ways to make a few bucks online if you have free time to waste. In Ghana, there are a few survey companies and providers. So the only way to gain some cash through a survey is to opt for other countries’ super jobs.

There are many companies out there looking to employ the service of individuals to perform simple surveys on their products or service offered to the market. If you have some free time, you can signup for these surveys and begin to make cool cash.

Surveys will not make you rich online but they can get you something to help supplement your other source of income online. Sites such as Surveymonkey.com, Paid surveys at home, Surveyjunkie.com, Mindsumo.com, Swagbucks.com, and many more are some of the best survey sites you can signup for today and take profitable surveys.

Final Words

In conclusion, The internet is one of the best places to be and establish your business if you want to be successful in Ghana, Africa, and the world at large. Through the internet, individuals have been able to establish their home business which is being run 24/7 within the comfort of their home. The good thing is that everyone can start an internet business.

Whether you are employed or unemployed, with little to no income, you can start a business and if you put in more work, you’ll be able to make a successful internet business. So for now, the above are some of the lucrative online businesses you can start.

Please let us know in the comment if you need further explanation. Also as said earlier, if you need a blog or a website, you can purchase hosting and a domain using the link here or above then send us your details for a free Blog creation.

Note: This post contains some affiliate links. This means when you purchase/signup for a program/product using any of the links, we receive some small commissions. This is to help us to keep running and maintaining the blog.

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Which online business is best in Ghana? ›

  • Copywriting.
  • Virtual Assistant. ...
  • Cryptocurrency Trading. ...
  • Blogging. ...
  • Affiliate Marketing. ...
  • Forex Trading. ...
  • Working remotely. Working remotely involves working for corporate organizations and startups from the comfort of your home. ...
  • Selling E-books and Online Courses. Selling online courses is a great way to earn passive income. ...

What is most profitable business in Ghana? ›

Number 1 on our list of most profitable business opportunities in Ghana would be poultry farming.

What do Ghanaians buy most? ›

Vehicles, both used and new and all its articles, is the most dominant product category in Ghana's imports, constituting as high as 16.5% of total non-oil imports every year. This is followed by machinery, nuclear reactors, and mechanical appliance with 15% and food with 14.4%.

What kind of online business is most profitable? ›

E-commerce: Online retail sales continue to grow year-over-year, making e-commerce a lucrative option for entrepreneurs. From selling physical goods to offering digital products, e-commerce offers a range of opportunities for businesses to reach customers and generate revenue.

Which business is booming in Ghana now? ›

Agriculture is the backbone of Ghana's economy, and poultry farming accounts for a major portion of the country's GDP. In addition, poultry farming is one of Ghana's most well-known and profitable commercial ventures. With how Ghanaians enjoy their meat, you will make good money from keeping poultry.

What is the main business in Ghana? ›

Ghana is the third largest U.S. export market for goods in Sub Saharan Africa. Beyond its traditional industries of agriculture, mining - and more recently, oil and gas production – Ghana's digital, financial services, education, and franchising sectors are growing fast.

What is the best investment to make in Ghana? ›

There are a lot of investment options available for you to select from.
  • BONDS. ...
  • FARMING. ...
  • STOCKS & SHARES. ...

What is the best business to get rich fast? ›

  • Financial Services.
  • Eldercare.
  • Business Consultancy.
  • Investment Firm.
  • Education and Training Service.
  • Insurtech.
  • Cleaning Business.
  • Healthcare Consultancy.
May 11, 2022

What to do in Ghana to be rich? ›

Farming. Ghana is the largest cocoa exporter in the world. Invest your money into cocoa farming, coffee, shea butter, coconut and you will be become a millionaire after few harvests. Animal rearing is also a great venture to make money.

What can I sell in Ghana to make money? ›

Fashion and clothes sell very fast in the business industry in Ghana.
Below are some things that sell fast in most locations in Ghana;
  • Fashion/Cloths.
  • Health Products.
  • Infant Or Baby Products.
  • Kitchen Wears And Appliances.
  • Cosmetic And Beauty Products.
  • mobile Phone and Accessories.

What made Ghana rich? ›

Ghana grew wealthy from trade through taxation. Along with gold and salt traders carried copper, silver, cloth and spices. As Ghana was in a prime location in between salt and gold mines, rulers taxed traders passing through Ghana. Traders had to pay taxes on the goods they carried to Ghana and took away with them.

What is the easiest business to start? ›

Business ideas that are easy to start quickly
  1. Yard work. People with 9-to-5 jobs don't always want to spend their weekends doing yard work. ...
  2. Software training. ...
  3. Homemade soap making. ...
  4. Errand service. ...
  5. Social media management. ...
  6. Freelance services. ...
  7. Selling on eBay. ...
  8. Pet sitting.

What should I invest in now in Ghana? ›

Investing in Ghana's mining sector can be a lucrative opportunity as the country is rich in minerals such as gold, bauxite, and diamonds. The agriculture sector also offers potential investments in areas such as cocoa, oil palm, and shea butter.

Which market is big in Ghana? ›

MAKOLA MARKET, Accra Ghana: One of the biggest markets in West Africa. Ajofoyinbo Inumidun and 5,074 others like this.

What can I manufacture in Ghana? ›

Ghana's most important manufacturing industries include aluminum smelting, oil refining, chemicals and cement, processing of metals, pharmaceutical manufacturing, wood processing, as well as textile and garment manufacturing.

What does Ghana export to USA? ›

In December 2022 the top imports of United States from Ghana were Crude Petroleum ($201M), Cocoa Beans ($3.15M), Cocoa Butter ($2.91M), Cocoa Paste ($2.71M), and Cocoa Powder ($2.67M).

How much do you need to start a business in Ghana? ›

Fees and timelines in 2023

Ghana company incorporation costs in Year 1 amount to US$6,950 and annual company costs in Year 2 and thereafter amount to US$0. The average total fees per Ghana engagement amounts to US$18,650, including company formation, company secretary and corporate bank account.

What is the best business to start in Ghana? ›

The 67 Best Business Ideas To Start In Ghana [2023]
  • Start a framed prints ecommerce.
  • Start a content writing company.
  • Start a food truck.
  • Become a mobile personal trainer.
  • Start an online jewelry store.
  • Start a barber shop.
  • Start a laptop accessories brand.
  • Start a hair salon.
Jun 10, 2022

How to make money online in Ghana? ›

How to make money online in Ghana as a student
  1. Online surveys. ...
  2. Paid-per-click jobs. ...
  3. Online writing reviews. ...
  4. Freelance writing. ...
  5. Affiliate marketing. ...
  6. Influencer marketing. ...
  7. Online courses. ...
  8. Online trading.
Mar 2, 2022

Where can I sell things online in Ghana? ›

Jumia Marketplace | Sell Online in Ghana | Jumia Ghana. reach millions of customers. over 500,000 customers visit our website daily. get the chance of buyers daily.

What is the most visited website in Ghana? ›

Ghanaweb.com had roughly 6.6 million visits, while Betway.com.gh, the online gambling platform, placed third with around 4.1 million visits that same month.
Most visited websites in Ghana in November 2021, by total visits (in million visits)
CharacteristicMonthly traffic in million visits
12 more rows
Aug 1, 2022

What work can I do from home in Ghana? ›

39 Work From Home Jobs in Ghana
  • Global Payroll Administrator. ...
  • Brand Marketing Manager - Work From Home - $1,800 USD/ month. ...
  • Linux Support Engineer, EMEA. ...
  • Ubuntu Technical Support Manager. ...
  • Software Engineer - Python and K8s. ...
  • OpenStack Technical Support Manager. ...
  • Software Engineer - Python/Golang - Kubernetes.

What is the easiest way to make money in Ghana? ›

  1. Firstly, you can search for Technological Issues and solve them. ...
  2. Secondly, you can take an opportunity in the food and agriculture industries. ...
  3. Another way to make money in Ghana is to open eatery businesses and restaurants.
Apr 27, 2022

What is in demand in Ghana? ›

Some examples of engineers include electrical engineers, petroleum engineers, acoustic engineers, assembly engineering technicians, etc. All these are in high demand in the country because it is still a developing country.

What things are in demand right now? ›

The following best-selling products have been in high demand in 2022:
  • Beauty products, like false eyelashes and makeup.
  • Pet products and carriers.
  • Novelty T-shirts, especially those with unique and fun designs.
  • Water bottles, especially self-cleaning bottles.
  • Jewelry and fashion accessories (though trends change quickly)
Nov 10, 2022

Where can I sell expensive items online? ›

eBay — Best for expensive items

Boasting over 159 million buyers and 19 million sellers, it's the ideal platform for expanding your reach and turning a profit through online sales. As a seller, you'll have two main options for listing your items: Fixed price listing – you sell your item on-demand to one buyer; or.


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