13 Signs She Is Testing You (2023)

13 Signs She Is Testing You (1)

Being in a relationship and falling in love is a big deal for most people, including women.

Gone are the days where most women believed that men would just sweep them off the floor and, like the ending of a fairy tale, would they live happily ever after.

Most women are looking for a stable and long-lasting relationship with you.

No matter how perfect a partner may seem, some women won’t fall in love that easily. That’s why you may find signs she is testing you at first.

Most potential partners now know that women constantly test their partners, and they all have one question: Why do women test them?

What does it mean when a girl is testing you?

The reality is, most potential partners know that at some point in their adult life, a woman would test them, and that’s not a problem. However, what drives them crazy is the thought that sometimes, they don’t even realize that they are already being tested!

Now, why is this important for women?

Most women would test you because they see you as a potential lifetime partner. Think of it as a complicated screening tool that will let them know what type of a person you are and if you are the one she’s been waiting for.

Men do this as well. They observe a potential partner and see if they are compatible. It’s just that women are more focused on these tests.

Some women ‘test’ potential partners more than others, which may be underlying reasons for that. Some women just want to be sure about your sincerity, while others may have been in an abusive relationship and just don’t want to make the same mistake again.

13 Signs she is testing you

Before we proceed with how women test their potential partners – we have to be clear that there is a difference between a woman who wants to test you and a woman who is not interested in you.

Knowing this is very important so that you don’t waste your time and effort. If you are ready, here are the signs she is testing you.

1. She responds late to your texts or misses your calls

“Is she testing me by not texting back?”

In some instances, yes, she is. Sometimes, she might just be busy with work or chores, but there are times where she is just trying to test you.

She might already have seen your text or call, but she is purposely delaying her response to show you that she’s not spending all of her time waiting for you.

She wants to test if you would see her as a desperate partner or not.

2. She watches your manners

13 Signs She Is Testing You (2)

Is she testing me by watching my actions towards her?

Absolutely! Women are very observant, and you have to understand that manners matters. She wants to see if you would hold the door for her or if you would lend her your coat when it gets chilly.

She wants to be sure that you are consistent with your promises and actions.

3. She insists on splitting the bill

She just offered to split the bill! Is this also a test?

Sorry to break it to you, but it’s most likely one of the signs she is testing you.

Of course, in some instances, your girlfriend wants to split the bill, but sometimes, she just wants to test you. Your girl just wants to see if you would get used to splitting the bill with her and eventually become dependent.

She wants to know if you will accept the offer or if you would insist on paying.

4. She plays hard to get

She’s playing hard to get. Is this even a test?

Another situation when she is testing you is when she is hard to get. It may become frustrating, at times, when you can’t seem to convince her that you are sincere with your feelings and intention towards her.

She wants to know how serious you are about her and your relationship before she could admit to you and herself that she has fallen in love.

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5. She wants to know if you are available when she needs you

“She’s an independent woman, but suddenly, she’s asking for me.”

Remember that when a woman asks for your help, she wants to know if you are someone who she could rely on.

She may feel sick and ask for you to cook for her or buy her medicine. She simply wants to see if you will come to her and be there when she needs you.

Women want to know if they are a top priority in your life.

6. She constantly repeats one topic

She’s been repeating one thing over and over again.

Here’s how to know if a girl is testing you – if you notice that she has been telling you something more than once, she most likely wants it.

Listen, and you’ll know, but don’t expect her to tell it upfront. She most likely wants you to ask more about it and make the first move.

She wants you to read between the lines and see if you know her.

7. She brings you to a place where there is temptation

She wants us to go to a party where there are many beautiful ladies. It’s another test, right?

That’s correct! She probably wants to know if you would check out beautiful ladies or, worse, even talk and be friendly with them.

She simply wants to know if you can resist the temptation.

8. She postpones, cancels, or changes her mind

“Out of the blue, she just cancels our plan.”

Check if there is a valid reason or if there was an emergency. If not, it’s probably one of the signs she is testing you. If you are serious, you will make a way to see her one way or the other, romantic, isn’t it?

She wants to see how much effort you would put in just to see her.

9. She introduces you to her friends and family

13 Signs She Is Testing You (3)

She wants me to get close to her friends and family. What does this test mean?

This is because these people are essential to her. She wants to know each and everyone’s opinion of you and your relationship. Of course, their opinions matter to her.

She wants to know if they will approve of your relationship.

10. She pushes you to the limit

I’m at my wit’s end! Why is she too difficult and unreasonable?

Sometimes, you may feel like your girlfriend is throwing a tantrum and that she is testing your patience – you’re right. Maybe she is trying to see how you would do if she puts you under pressure.

She is testing your patience, and she wants to know how you would respond.

11. She doesn’t want to get intimate

She refuses to get intimate with me.

It’s one of those signs she is testing you when she avoids any type of intimacy.

A man only interested in physical intimacy won’t be an ideal partner if she’s thinking of settling down. By avoiding intimacy, she will see if you will become impatient or change how you treat her.

She wants to know what your real intentions are. Are you just playing, or are you the real deal?

12. She wants to know your future plans and goals

She is asking me about my plans and goals in life. What does this mean?

When your girlfriend starts asking you about your goals, plans, or even your ambitions, this means that she thinks of you as a potential lifetime partner.

She wants to feel secure with the man that will accompany her in fulfilling her dreams.

13. She is eager to know more about your past

She is so interested in my past. Is this also a test?

The answer is a crisp YES! Asking about your past is just a way for her to dig deeper about your past relationships. She also wants to know if you are already over your feelings with them or still have contact with some of them.

She wants to feel secure that you are a hundred percent over your exes and that you love her.

How to win her over in these tests?

Don’t pressure yourself. If you do, then you wouldn’t have time to enjoy your relationship. As a tip, remember that instead of showing what she wants to see, just learn to recognize every situation and act accordingly.

Start by listening to her, then you would have an idea about her personality, what she likes and hates, and what she’s afraid of.

Once you are armed with this knowledge, you would be able to know how to respond to her ‘tests’ and ultimately pass and convince her that you are the one that she’s looking for.

If you are wondering how to pass her tests, watch this video.
13 Signs She Is Testing You (4)


Every woman has a different take when it comes to testing partners. Past experiences, traumas, doubts, self-esteem issues; all play a part in how a woman would test her potential mate.

You just have to remember to listen and watch for signs she is testing you, and from there, try your best to show her how truthful you are with your feelings and intention.

Both of you deserve a chance to prove yourself and build a lasting relationship of respect, communication, and intimacy.

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