14 Best Quoting Software to Save Time and Money (2023)

Quoting software can increase your sales team’s productivity, impress your clients, and ultimately help you win new business.

So what is the key to winning that new business? Besides various factors such as pricing, product and service quality, marketing and branding, etc. – it is the sales process that plays a major part in sustaining business growth. All the way from the first ‘hello’ and building relationships, to the initial business offer, following up and closing the deal. The entire sales cycle requires excellent and swift communication with a personalized approach.

Quoting software streamlines and automates the proposal and request for proposal process for sales operations. Today, common integrations include CRM, e-signature, accounting, e-commerce software, etc. – all this makes the entire sales process much more efficient.

The benefits of quoting software include the ability to quickly generate professional and impressive business proposals and sales quotes. The kind that is designed with winning business in mind. Quotes and proposals can be generated in multiple file formats and easily shared through multiple channels. The formats include dedicated proposal landing pages, which get approved approximately 18%more likely than traditional proposals.

Essentially, quoting software allows you to spend more time on your clients, and less time on paperwork and proposals. And that approach will definitely win you more business. Here are sixteen quoting software that will help you on the way.

1. Scoro

14 Best Quoting Software to Save Time and Money (1)

Scoro is a faster, easier, and better way for quoting and billing for your products & services. Instead of using five different tools to send quotes, manage contacts, and handle billing, you can just use one powerful quoting software. Impressive proposals and quotes can be created in just a few clicks.

Top features:

  • Quoting automation
  • PDF export
  • CRM
  • Sales pipeline reporting
  • Billing automation
  • Reporting & dashboard
  • Project management
  • Work management
  • Highly customizable
  • Wide range of integrations available

What’s interesting about this tool: Get a complete overview of a client or supplier on one page – from the first “hello” to the final invoice. This includes contact details, linked files, communication history, linked projects plus all quotes, orders and invoices. In fact, Scoro gives you the tools to manage every aspect of your business – projects, clients, quotes and invoicing. Instead of switching between spreadsheets and emails, you’ll save countless hours by managing everything within a single solution.

Pricing: From $26/month per user. Try Scoro free for 14 days

2. Qwilr

14 Best Quoting Software to Save Time and Money (2)

With Qwilr, you can replace your PDF proposals, quotes, and presentations with interactive & mobile-friendly web pages. The pages plug into your systems and are as easy to build and reuse as they are beautiful.

Top features:

  • Customized styles and fonts
  • Analytics
  • Custom web pages instead of documents
  • Free templates
  • Free stock images and videos
  • Quote acceptance
  • E-signatures

What’s interesting about this tool: You can track and analyze how your sales and marketing material is browsed. Be notified when your document is first viewed, see how many times it was viewed & what sections your clients actually cared about.

Pricing: From $22 user/month. Free trial for 30 days.

3. DocSend

14 Best Quoting Software to Save Time and Money (3)

DocSend is a content management and tracking solution that helps sales and marketing teams be more efficient. With DocSend, you can see when, where, and how people engage with your sales documents. That allows you to keep the conversation going, from the initial pitch to closing the deal.

Top features:

  • Advanced document tracking
  • Manager insights
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Document control
  • Remote presentations
  • Custom branding
  • Training and support

What’s interesting about this tool:
Instant notifications alert you when a prospect engages with your content so you can provide timely and relevant outreach. You can find out what matters most to your prospects with page-by-page analytics of your presentations and other content.

Pricing: From $10/month per user. Free trial for 14 days.

4. Bitrix24

14 Best Quoting Software to Save Time and Money (4)

In addition to quoting capabilities, Bitrix24 offers tools such as CRM and project management. Bitrix24 quotes and invoices are fully customizable and come with powerful tools, like multiple currency support, taxes, automatic numbering, product catalog, and email marketing.

Top features:

  • CRM and quoting
  • Reporting
  • Calendar sharing
  • E-mail notifications
  • Sales funnel
  • Workflow and task reporting

What’s interesting about this tool:
Bitrix24 can be used as an online service (Cloud version, SaaS) and as a ‘box’ product (Self-hosted version, i.e. installed on your own server). Depending on your business nature, company size, and requirements for an intranet solution, you can choose between the flexible Cloud subscription plans, or develop a custom intranet project using the Self-hosted version.

Pricing: Free and paid plans from $39/month.

5. PandaDoc

14 Best Quoting Software to Save Time and Money (5)

PandaDocis a document automation tool that delivers higher close rates and shorter sales cycles. Custom-made proposals can be made in minutes.

Top features:

  • Unlimited docs & e-signatures
  • Document analytics
  • Custom branding
  • Pricing tables and product catalogs
  • Integrations with CRMs and other tools
  • Manager approval workflow
  • Auto reminders

What’s interesting about this tool:
PandaDoc’s document analytics make it easier than ever to track the progress of every quote. Once you’ve sent a quote to a client, document analytics show you when a customer opens, views, and signs.

Pricing: From $19/month per user. Free trial.

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6. Nusii

14 Best Quoting Software to Save Time and Money (6)

Nusii is an online quoting software created for creative businesses. It’s got the right features to help you get beautiful proposals out the door fast.

Top features:

  • Professional proposal templates
  • Notification system
  • Quotes tracking and analytics
  • Online signatures

What’s interesting about this tool: Once you and your team are happy with your proposal, hit send and Nusii will keep track of it, 24/7. The moment your client opens it, you will be sent a notification, making sure you’re always in the loop.

Pricing: From $29/month per user. Free trial for 15 days.

7. Loopio

14 Best Quoting Software to Save Time and Money (7)

Loopio is a proposal and knowledge management software tool that empowers sales, marketing, proposal teams, and subject-matter experts to manage company knowledge and collaborate on client requests.

Top features:

  • Library & response templates
  • Automation
  • Project canvas
  • Single sign-on
  • Content splitting
  • Collaboration

What’s interesting about this tool:
You can build a ‘request for proposal’ response library, tag and categorize content, and then Loopio’s automation engine pulls from your library to auto-populate a proposal.

Pricing: on request

8. Bidsketch

Bidsketch quoting software used by freelancers, consultants and agencies. Bidsketch allows you to create, electronically sign, and track professional-looking client proposals.

Top features:

  • Design templates and reusable content
  • Optional upselling
  • Landing pages
  • Automated new client workflow
  • Online signatures
  • Single centralized location for client information
  • Notifications
  • Compliance
  • Domain customization

What’s interesting about this tool:
Bidsketch allows you to create customized client landing pages. The client can then view, approve, export, and comment on their proposal quickly to help users stand out as a professional and make interaction with clients more convenient and organized. Another interesting feature is the optional upselling. You can grow your revenue by marking specific fees as optional and giving clients the option to accept them when viewing a proposal.

Pricing: From $29/month per user. Free trial for 14 days.

9. Osmosis

14 Best Quoting Software to Save Time and Money (8)

Top features:

  • Questionnaires for streamlined proposal process
  • Quotes and proposals
  • Custom branding
  • Document signing
  • Activity stream

What’s interesting about this tool:
Quotes and proposals are presented as a customized web page that can be exported as a PDF.

Pricing: From $19/month. Free trial for 14 days.

10. Quotient

14 Best Quoting Software to Save Time and Money (9)

Quotient is an online quoting and proposal software that serves a general purpose. Therefore, it appeals to a wide range of businesses which are involved in direct sales.

Top features:

  • Dashboard
  • Cost price and margin
  • Follow-ups
  • Templates
  • Automatic quote expiry
  • Confirmation emails
  • Quote opening/viewing tracking
  • One click quote acceptance

What’s interesting about this tool:
Features such as auto-completion, image and file attachments and template saving make the quote creation process more efficient. Quotes will be archived in the system and can be searched using keywords.

Pricing: From $20/month per user. Free trial for 30 days.

11. Mosspaper

Mosspaper is a mobile-friendly quote and contract management system that offers small businesses a platform from which to create, sign, track and accept quotes and contracts. With paperless approvals, electronic signature capture, and payment integration, Mosspaper aims to deliver a simple quote and contract management solution.

Top features:

  • Centralized data management
  • Predictive data analytics
  • Invite and manage users
  • Simple payment process
  • E-signatures
  • Customer collaboration

What’s interesting about this tool: Besides quote and contract creation, Mosspaper allows users to track and manage contract payments. From Mosspaper’s centralized platform, users can send payment requests to customers, review outstanding balances, and collect payments. Through integration with Stripe, users can directly accept secure international payments. Mosspaper also enables users to gain business insight through predictive data analytics and an activity dashboard.

Pricing: Free and paid plans from $19/month. Free trial for 30 days.

12. Proposable

14 Best Quoting Software to Save Time and Money (10)

Proposable is an all-in-one cloud proposal software for smart & efficient sales proposal creation, delivery, and closing.

Top features:

  • Drag-and-drop builder
  • Content library
  • Flexible estimates
  • Proposal analytics
  • E-signatures
  • Sales pipeline reporting

What’s interesting about this tool: Proposable has drag-and-drop creation tools, email and SMS notifications for when documents are viewed, and analytics for getting a better understanding of your sales pipeline. It also includes an estimate framework to make this part of the process less painful.

Pricing: From $39/month per user. Free trial for 14 days.

13. Odoo

14 Best Quoting Software to Save Time and Money (11)

Odoo encompasses sales and project management in a single tool. Polished quotes can be created in minutes. Predefined products, price lists, and templates help your sales team work more efficiently.

Top features:

  • CRM and quoting
  • E-signature
  • Project management
  • Sales Management
  • Reporting

What’s interesting about this tool:
Odoo is available in 23 languages and serves almost all geographies around the world.

Pricing: Free and paid plans from $14/month.

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14. Socket

Socket simplifies your sales quoting process by bringing all of your product and quotation information into a single place that’s easy to manage.

Top features:

  • Quote and proposal automation
  • Lead management and reporting
  • Tracking and analytics
  • Simple website and CRM integration

What’s interesting about this tool:
Socket utilizes a world-class data center to ensure our software is always blazing fast, reliable, and secure.

Pricing: From $49/month. Free trial for 7 days.

The choice of software really depends on your business nature, company size, type of clients and staff, workflow, and sales processes. Keep testing new solutions until you find the most suitable one!

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What is the best software for quotes? ›

Best quoting software
  • Salesforce CPQ.
  • PandaDoc.
  • Qwilr.
  • Quotient.
  • Quotewerks.
  • Nusii.
  • Scoro.
  • RFPIO.
Sep 12, 2022

What are the benefits of quoting software? ›

An automated quoting and estimating system can help to improve the order to cash process, save time and maximise ROI whilst avoiding any wastage.
  • Productivity increase. ...
  • Accurate information. ...
  • Transparency. ...
  • Customer satisfaction. ...
  • Control.

What is a quotation management software? ›

What is Quotation Management System? The Quotation Management System is an easy to use and flexible application which allows a company to create, submit and track quotes and invoices. The Quotation Management System is an open source web based application.

What is a quoting system? ›

Quoting software is a form of CRM (read our guide on what is a CRM for more information) that allows service businesses and contractors to create digital quotes online. Sometimes referred to as quoting and invoicing software or e-invoicing, it is designed as an alternative to paper quotes.

What is quote to cash software? ›

Quote-to-cash (Q2C) software manages the entire sales process, from quoting to sales orders and revenue management. Companies use Q2C solutions to streamline sales processes, improve the productivity of their sales teams, and provide better customer experience.

Is there an app to keep track of book quotes? ›

Let's take Basmo for example, a reading app that allows you, among many other things, to also save and organize your favorite quotes from books you read. To use this feature, you simply need to use the scanning feature from the app. You can scan pages of a book, extract the text.

What are the benefits of an efficient estimating software? ›

Faster Project Completion

Construction estimation software eliminates the paperwork and menial tasks. You can schedule deliveries and calculate costs faster. As a result, you finish your project quickly. That means you can concentrate on the next one faster.

What are the benefits of quote to cash? ›

Benefits of quote-to-cash

It also provides a boost to customer relationships. A dysfunctional quote-to-cash process can drive your customers to seek out competitors that promise a better experience. But with a seamless QTC process, organizations see better customer retention and more customer loyalty.

Does Quickbooks make quotes? ›

Step 1: Create a quote
  • Select + New.
  • Select Quote.
  • Select a customer from the Customer dropdown.
  • If the work has already started, select a status from the Pending ▼ dropdown. ...
  • Set the Quote date and the Expiration date.
  • Enter the products and services you plan to sell.
  • Enter any other info you need.
Mar 20, 2023

What are the four types of quotation? ›

Use the one that best suits what you're trying to achieve in your example.
  • In-text quotes. An in-text quote is a short quote that fits into and completes a sentence you've written. ...
  • Indirect quotes. An indirect quote is when you paraphrase ideas from a source. ...
  • Direct quotes.

What is automated quotation system? ›

Stock Exchange Automated Quotation System (SEAQ) is a computer system that shows the most recent prices of shares in small and mid-cap companies on the London Stock Exchange (LSE). Market makers use SEAQ to quote prices in a number of fixed interest securities, and execute deals non-electronically.

How do you automate quotations? ›

How to automate sales quoting process?
  1. Use templates to create sales quotes and estimates. You can use Word and Excel templates to create standardized documents, including sales quotes. ...
  2. Use forms to automate sales quote creation. ...
  3. Generate sales quotes for every order placed in your CRM or online store.
Dec 8, 2021

What are the 2 types of quoting? ›

Types of quotes and examples

There are two main types of quotes: direct and indirect. Whenever you want to use someone's statement word-for-word in your text, you'll need to include properly cited, direct quotations. However, if you want to paraphrase someone's words then indirect quotes could be more appropriate.

What are the different types of quoting? ›

There are three types of quotations you can use in your paper: Direct quotes Word for word from the source. Larger sections of word for word quotes. Block quotes are usually centered or indented from the main paragraph, have no quotation marks, and include regular punctuation at the end of the quote.

What are the three basic principles of quoting? ›

You must quote, paraphrase, and summarize to support your argument, to provide evidence for a main point, and/or to provide context for an argument.

What is cash flow software? ›

Cash flow management software manages the flow of incoming and outgoing funds within a business. Businesses use cash flow management software to maintain a positive cash flow as well as forecast future cash flow based on past transactions and historical financial or operational data within the software.

What are the 3 layers of quote-to-cash? ›

Quote-to-cash automates three core applications: configure price quote, contract management, and revenue management.

How can I improve my quote-to-cash? ›

Quote-to-Cash Process Best Practices
  1. Strive to make the quoting process as robust as possible. ...
  2. Set contracts with developed terms and conditions. ...
  3. Establish a structured approval process. ...
  4. Prorate new services into the contract and invoice schedule when necessary. ...
  5. Use reliable professional services (PSA) software.

Is there an app for writing your own quotes? ›

You Might Also Like
  • Textgram Quote Maker, Creator. Photo & Video.
  • Typorama: Art and Poster Maker. Photo & Video.
  • TextArt - Text on Photo Editor. Photo & Video.
  • Add Text: Write On Photos. Photo & Video.
  • VanillaPen: Design Studio. Photo & Video.
  • Instaquote photos. Photo & Video.

Is there a free book app? ›

Google Play Books is a digital reading app that is available on Android devices. It has a large selection of books, both paid and free, and offers many of the same features as Amazon Kindle and Apple Books.

What is the best way to keep track of books read? ›

Keep a reading journal

It's as simple as buying a notebook (there are some lovely ones in the Penguin Shop), dusting down a biro and writing down (assuming you can still remember how in The Age of Inkless Communication) the title, author, date you read it and an impression or two about the book itself.

How do you find the most efficient estimator? ›

Efficiency: The most efficient estimator among a group of unbiased estimators is the one with the smallest variance. For example, both the sample mean and the sample median are unbiased estimators of the mean of a normally distributed variable.

How do you make a good software estimate? ›

So, to recap, these are the key things to do when making estimates in software development:
  1. Break down the work into smaller tasks.
  2. Don't assume without asking questions.
  3. Propose adjusting the requirement.
  4. Factor in your degree of confidence.
  5. Agree on a sequence for estimating.
  6. Set a maximum time limit for each task.
Jan 5, 2021

What is the most accurate purpose of the cost estimation process? ›

Cost estimation helps you determine your project's budget, schedule the work necessary and manage new resources. Cost estimates are also very crucial when it comes to winning new business. Property owners also use cost estimates to assess the feasibility of their projects before embarking on actual construction.

What is quote-to-cash pricing? ›

Quote-to-cash (Q2C) is a term that represents the entire sales cycle from product configuration and quote generation to closing the deal and managing revenue. It includes the following aspects of the sales process: product configuration and pricing. sharing the quote with the customer.

What is order to cash vs quote-to-cash? ›

Order-to-cash is focused on order fulfillment and effective order delivery, but it's only one piece of the puzzle. Quote-to-cash is a much larger process that encompasses the order to cash process, as well as CPQ and contract management.

What is the purpose of a price quote? ›

A price quote delivers a fixed price for a product or service. It is given to a client or customer by a supplier and can be either written or verbal. The quoted price is only valid for a certain period of time and can't be changed once the client accepts it.

Does QuickBooks desktop do quotes? ›

An estimate is used to create a bid, proposal, or quote. The estimate can later be turned into a sales order or an invoice.

What are 5 famous quotes? ›

Famous quotes in English
That's one small step for a man, a giant leap for mankind.Neil ArmstrongEnglish
The love of money is the root of all evil.the BibleGreek
The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.Franklin D. RooseveltEnglish
The truth will set you free.the BibleGreek
54 more rows

What are the golden rules regarding the use of quotations? ›

Put quotation marks around any and all original words, unless you indent a quote that is 40 words or longer. Cite every quotation.

What is quote and proposal systems? ›

Quoting and proposal software automates and streamlines the proposal management process in the sales cycle. When paired with CRM, accounting, e-signature solutions, and so on, the entire sales process becomes more efficient. The combined use of one or more of these tools is frequently referred to as sales automation.

What is an example of a quote driven market? ›

Quote-driven markets operate in areas all around the world. These markets are common in over-the counter (OTC) markets such as bond markets and Forex (foreign-exchange) markets. The NASDAQ, which was previously mentioned, is an example of an equity-based market that operates mainly as a quote-driven market.

What is dealer's automated quotations? ›

National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations (NASDAQ) The National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations (NASDAQ) is an online public marketplace for trading stock. NASDAQ is an index of approximately 5,000 stocks that predominantly includes large technology and biotech corporations.

Is Quote Maker free? ›

Yes. Creating, managing and tracking quotations & estimates are free. No hidden charges. You can create 100 documents for free.

What is unique to directly quoting? ›

A direct quotation is when you take another person's words and place them in your own document. These must always be placed inside quotation marks and given appropriate attribution (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc).

Is citing the same as quoting? ›

What Is Their Main Difference? We use both of these words to refer to someone's ideas in our own writing or speech, but 'cite' is used when we say that particular person's ideas and theories in our own words, whereas, we use 'quote' when us that person's exact words in our speech.

What is the difference between a citation and a quotation? ›

A citation is using a particular idea that you got from another author. A quotation is using the exact words of another author. Note that some people refer to a "citation" as a "paraphrase."

How do you quote correctly? ›

Quotation marks are ALWAYS used in pairs, one at the beginning of the quoted text and one at the end. The same rule applies to titles and words used in a special sense or for emphasis. Use double quotation marks (“”) around a direct quote. A direct quote is a word- for-word report of what someone else said or wrote.

What is the symbol for open quotes? ›

The symbol used at the beginning of the quotation ("opening quotation mark") is usually “ ("open inverted commas") or ' ("open inverted comma"), and the symbol at the end ("closing quotation mark") is ” ("close inverted commas") or ' ("close inverted comma").

What is an example of direct quoting? ›

A direct quotation is a report of the exact words of an author or speaker and is placed inside quotation marks in a written work. For example, Dr. King said, "I have a dream."

What is quote rule? ›

To keep it straight, follow these two simple rules: First, when quoting a full, complete sentence, the first word of that quote should always be capitalized. Alternatively, when a quote only references a fragment of a quote, a phrase, or part of a sentence, the first word of the quote does not need to be capitalized.

What is one of the major rules for quoting sources? ›

To quote a source, you must ensure:
  • The quoted text is enclosed in quotation marks or formatted as a block quote.
  • The original author is correctly cited.
  • The text is identical to the original.
Apr 15, 2022

How do you write a price quote? ›

  1. Total cost to the client.
  2. Table showing the break-up price of each component of service provided.
  3. Quotation number.
  4. Date of issue of the quotation.
  5. Terms and conditions applicable.
  6. Business name or trade name.
  7. Address and contact details of the business.
  8. Period for which the quotation remains valid.
Dec 20, 2021

Can I do quotes on QuickBooks? ›

Step 1: Create a quote
  • Select + New.
  • Select Quote.
  • Select a customer from the Customer dropdown.
  • If the work has already started, select a status from the Pending ▼ dropdown. ...
  • Set the Quote date and the Expiration date.
  • Enter the products and services you plan to sell.
  • Enter any other info you need.
May 17, 2023

Can QuickBooks generate quotes? ›

Do you create estimates, bids, quotes, or proposals for prospective customers before you start a job? You can create your estimates in QuickBooks, email them to customers, and then convert them into invoices after you complete the work.

What is the best way to format a quote? ›

An exact quote should be in quotation marks (" "), or if the quotation is 40 words or more, should be formatted as a block quotation. Then you put an In-Text Citation right after the quotation to show where the quote came from.

How to do quotes on computer? ›

Creating the quote symbol on a U.S. keyboard

To create the quote symbol using a U.S. keyboard hold down the Shift and press ' , which is on the same key as the single quote ( ' ) and typically to the left of the Enter key. Doing the Alt code Alt +34 can also create a quote.

Can you do QuickBooks yourself? ›

QuickBooks Self-Employed helps track your income, expenses, mileage, and tax info. You may access your accounts from a web browser or the mobile app. Your data syncs in both places. In general, the mobile app is better for tasks on the go, like tracking mileage.

Does QuickBooks have estimating software? ›

How do you create an estimate in QuickBooks? Select the plus sign (+) at the top of the screen and select Estimate from the drop-down menu. On the Estimate page, enter customer details and product/service information. You can also email an estimate to your customer.

What is a quotation in QuickBooks? ›

You'll need to provide your potential client with a quote that outlines the cost of materials, labor, and any other expenses. This gives them a clear idea of what they can expect from you and how much they'll need to budget for the project. This is where QuickBooks quoting comes in.

What is a smart quote? ›

Curly quotes are often referred to as smart quotes. That's because they curve toward the text you're quoting. This is done automatically in most word processors. Straight quotes are what they sound like — straight, vertical marks without any indication of which word or phrase it's surrounding.

Is quote Maker free? ›

Yes. Creating, managing and tracking quotations & estimates are free. No hidden charges. You can create 100 documents for free.


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