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Making peace with yourself is not as easy as it sounds. When you have high expectations for yourself, it will only add to the burden, especially if the expectations are not in accordance with your ability to achieve it.

Comparing yourself with others because of the easy access you have to see other people’s lives sometimes makes you feel ‘small’ and not grateful for what you already have.

If these things are allowed to continue, you won’t be able to accept yourself and get true happiness. For that, you must consider these 7 ways to make peace with yourself:

Making peace with yourself is like loving yourself fully. According to Psychology Today, loving yourself is an important part of your mental health and relationships with others.

What do you think about making peace with yourself? Does it sound difficult or easy?

Making peace with yourself is about a learning process that is done consistently. Usually when someone hears the word “consistent” is not an easy work. To be able to make peace with yourself, you must learn to listen, feel, and respect yourself.

This requires a lifetime of your time and to be able to find out what you really need takes a long time. Maybe most people will never have enough with what he or she has, no matter how hard they tried. But the question is, have you started to recognize and make peace with yourself?

How to make peace with yourself

1. Believe in yourself

Reduce feelings of doubt about yourself. Believe everything that comes from inside you. Whatever happens, you will grow through your personal experience, so be confident in yourself.

You might be smart enough to understand what steps should be taken in each situation. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes because of those mistakes you can learn to be a better person.

Give yourself time to study and be patient as part of making peace with yourself.

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2. Understand your own mind

Not all thoughts you have are positive thoughts. Start to analyze the bad thoughts that you have so you can immediately ward off any negative thoughts that arise.

For the sake of making peace with yourself, follow all positive thoughts that can lead you towards a better life. Do not indulge and let negative thoughts continue to drag on in your head.

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3. Care about yourself

It might sound easy, but not everyone can do it. Most people actually choose not to think about themselves and always put others first as if their needs and interests are not more important than others.

In fact, this thought actually makes you belittle yourself. Try to love yourself by aligning your feelings with the feelings of others, that your feelings are as important as those of others.

Treat yourself the same way you treat the people you care about. Loving yourself allows you to forgive all the mistakes that have been made so that you can finally make peace with yourself.

Sometimes you have to put yourself first. Your mental health and well-being are as much important as helping others. However, we have to remember, self-care is not selfish. When we take a better care of ourselves, we can care for others well.

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4. Don’t be too ambitious

Ambition to progress and develop can be a good motivation for yourself, but too much desire can hurt you. Especially if you can’t reach it.

Know your capacity and abilities, and adjust your desires for both. You may want something, but make sure you are not hurting yourself in the process.

Making peace with yourself also means reducing your potential to hurt yourself.

5. Realize that disappointment is a part of life

As a human being, you cannot avoid feeling sad and disappointed. Even people who are successful and happy must have felt those feelings.

Confront these feelings firmly and accept those feelings well. Don’t try to avoid it or pretend you don’t feel it, because it only delays yourself through it.

Give yourself time to process the feeling and do something about it, as part of making peace with yourself.

6. Face your fears

If you have a fear of something, don’t try to hate that feeling. It’s better to acknowledge those feelings and try to deal with the fear you have.

By dealing with it, you will become stronger and get accustomed to it. That fear may never be gone forever, but at least you already know how to overcome it.

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7. Don’t be a perfectionist

Making mistakes is a natural thing and definitely done by everyone. Too late in regretting the mistakes you have made will only make you unable to feel happy.

Try to accept the mistakes you have made as part of the learning process. Don’t punish yourself too harshly for the mistakes that have occurred.

How to make peace with your past

Everyone is inseparable from a sad or painful past. Almost everyone has experienced an unpleasant event in the past. Yes, an event that cannot be forgotten even still carried away today. We have tried to forget it, but occasionally it still crossed the mind unconsciously.

It might seem trivial. However, not a few people who eventually become closed and withdraw from the surrounding environment because of the influence of the bad past.

Making peace with the past is one thing you can try to heal yourself from a bitter, though difficult, life experience. It will also be helpful to you for making peace with yourself and be happier.

We can do it by doing these 4 steps:

1. Let everything be a memory

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Everything that happened in the past will only remain a memory. We cannot change anything that has happened. As a term, we often hear ‘rice has become porridge’. There is no point in continuing to plummet in the past. All will only be a story that has ended. Realize it before it’s too late. Let’s begin to reorganize tomorrow’s life better.

2. Change the mindset about your past

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Often, we get caught up in the wrong mindset about the past. We assume the bad past is the end of everything.

Events in the dark past continue to overshadow so that makes us afraid to step in and organize the future better. We must change this wrong mindset. Not always we will experience bad events.

There are also times when we have fun and happy events. Remember, life is ups and downs. Enjoy it while we are still given the chance to live in this world.

3. Don’t always consider yourself a victim of circumstances

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When something bad happens in life, we tend to blame ourselves. We feel we are victims of circumstances that should not have happened.

Excessive guilt makes us a closed person and does not want to get along with others. We hate ourselves for past events that are hard to accept.

Don’t always consider yourself a victim of circumstance. Give a positive response to painful events in your past.

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4. Accept your past as part of your life journey

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How to make peace with your past mistakes? By accepting it.

This life is a series of stories of a person’s life journey from time to time. As long as we are still living in this world, our life cycle will continue to revolve from being a child to becoming an adult until entering old age.

Life will go on without matter what we face. If you have experienced a painful past, accept it as part of your life journey. You will feel relieved if you can accept your past.

Don’t ever try to forget it, because no human being can forget his or her past. Make the past a valuable memory that will lead you to a better future.

Embrace and acknowledge it because that’s what makes our lives more colorful!

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How to have a peaceful life

Know when you need a break

7 Ways To Make Peace With Yourself – Pursue True Happiness | We Stress Free (12)Everyone needs time to take a break every now and then. So, whenever you feel your life’s burden is too heavy, don’t let it crushes you. Whether it is an important project at work or some errands in the house, I think it is okay to take a little break and get back to it later.

I understand, maybe some of you think that it is better to keep going and get done with it so you don’t have to think about it anymore. However, have you ever considered that when you’re tired, it is easy for your to get irritated or angry, your work won’t go well because you are lack of focus and energy, etc?

See, you’ll feel more peaceful when everything is done the well when you are refreshed and have full energy.

Attaining inner peace

7 Ways To Make Peace With Yourself – Pursue True Happiness | We Stress Free (13)How to find inner peace with yourself? First of all, we must believe that achieving inner peace must be with an understanding of the process. Then united with the desire to achieve that peace. Only then are you aware of every exhalation released from your body?

How to practice peace? 1) Mindful Breathing. When we focus on our breathing, we restore ourselves to the present. 2) Live in the present. We don’t think about the past or the past but the seconds we breathe.

We are here, when and where we are breathing with the realization that we can still breathe, alive, can still eat, laugh, and have a healthy body. Simple things but very meaningful.

In addition, we also have to realize that as human beings who continue to process, we will not be able to go through various kinds of crises or difficult events that might just cause its own trauma.

Many people who are even old are still processing themselves until the end of their lives. Every day there are new events that can cause trauma in the past or even new trauma.

But so as not to accumulate all layers of trauma from childhood, the main step is to realize that in whatever form or scale, trauma must be overcome.

Many of us do not realize that we have feelings of sadness, disappointment, anger. Often we quibble and say, “Ah, it’s okay, it’s over. I’m fine. ”

Trying to feel okay but not fixing the trauma itself can lead to negative emotions that cause us difficulty coping with what needs to be overcome.

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What are the long-term effects? Barriers to progressing the answer. We will judge and label ourselves with the trauma that lives within us. For example, by believing that we are less intelligent or less beautiful due to the trauma of those who say so.

We indeed sometimes have to be more sensitive to ourselves. Must understand what kind of crisis can trigger trauma because trauma can be born in any shape and scale even though it cannot be said that one trauma is big or small.

We must learn to recognize things that make us uncomfortable, which prevent us from maximizing our potential or that reduce our values as good individuals. While realizing, we must admit that it is a problem that must be resolved or at least reduced and begin to seek inner peace as an antidote.

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7 Ways To Make Peace With Yourself – Pursue True Happiness

7 Ways To Make Peace With Yourself – Pursue True Happiness | We Stress Free (14)

Those are 7 ways to make peace with yourself and more tips on how to make peace with your past in order to pursue true happiness and enjoy your life to the fullest. Making peace with yourself is tantamount to accepting yourself fully, including the mistakes you have made, especially against yourself.

Happiness is not sought from the outside but created by yourself. One way to achieve happiness is to make peace with yourself, which means accepting yourself completely. Also, be grateful for what God has given you.

Stay safe, happy, and healthy!

Ferra 🙂


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